Switching Gears

As I near the end of the bridge, I can’t help but look over my shoulder and see how far I’ve come. With the weather growing colder, I have become more regular in my afternoon jogs, especially going across the walking bridge above the Susquehanna River. Hmm, it’s almost funny to think that I was in a completely different ‘place’ a year ago, in almost every sense of the word. Having just graduated from college and moving back into my parents’ home in New Jersey, my mind was in a whirlwind of questions: How long will it be until I can use my degree in a job within my field of interest? When can I move out of my parents’ house and live on my own? Why do most things desired occur ever so slowly?! Thinking back to the times I felt frustrated or annoyed, I cannot help but to offer up a small smile.

“God is good…all the time!” As cliché and corny as this saying may sound, it is very true. My first year out of college entailed a slew of interviews, job fairs and networking events. I remember thinking I was doing all I could to break into my career, in order for the domino effect to take precedence: acquire a permanent, full-time job in my industry so I may find personal fulfillment in my position, as well as obtain the ability to pay off student loans and save up for the future so the prospect of living on my own can evidently become a reality…and so on and so forth. When it seemed that neither any of these goals were being met nor were occurring when I wanted them to happen, I knew something drastic had to be done. It was time to surrender my efforts and give them all to the One who can provide.

Through consistent prayer and meditation, God’s Will was revealed. My eyes were suddenly open as to where He wanted me. God allowed for the countless job-seeking ventures to serve their purpose: enabling me to realize where my passions and gifts lie and how my knowledge and skills can be developed for something truly meaningful. In yearning to blend my love of writing with helping others, God presented the opportunity of living and serving in the Sycamore House Service Corps through word of mouth from a trusted friend. Despite the dawdling application process, I persisted in continued prayer and patience, until He made the prospect possible. I was never happier at that moment.

Thus far, the experience has proven itself to be filled with many blessings. The Sycamore House program has exceeded in what I had hoped for during this past challenging year. The program has granted me a wonderful internship at Paxton Ministries as a Marketing and Development Assistant, where I produce a variety of publications geared toward spreading the word of the organization’s mission: ‘housing, help and healing in the name of Christ’ for individuals with intellectual, emotional and social disabilities. I am blessed to also share a roof with five terrific housemates, who offer continuous encouragement during Bible study, dinner discussions and service projects within the church and Harrisburg community. It is a beautiful thing when one can walk alongside those who share in the same focus: bettering one’s self all for the sake of Christ and His people.

While reflecting on how I’ve grown spiritually and gained a stronger identity in Him since moving to this scenic, waterfront neighborhood, I am consumed with an overwhelming sense of peace and reassurance. Every incident occurred, every person met and every issue faced happened for a reason. It is because of these things that I genuinely believe He had His hand on the situation the entire time. Everything always comes together, specifically when a person places her faith and trust in Him. He’ll bring her through until the very end.

-Priscilla Morales

One thought on “Switching Gears”

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey, Priscilla. It sounds like you were in a year of discernment that resulted in the best of ways, that is, in growing spiritually, hearing God’s will for you, and landing in a beautiful supportive community in which to serve. So glad you found your way here 🙂

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