Sometimes, you stay up a little too late and it’s hard to wake up.

Sometimes, your 9am meeting starts right on time and, ready or not, you’re sitting there.   Awake.

Sometimes, you hold hands with your housemate while sharing about life, knowing how much encouragement and love is expressed through that small gesture.

Sometimes, you snuggle with your housemate during prayer, and feel right at home.

Sometimes, your housemate makes you delicious baked oatmeal for breakfast, and you get to sit and eat it while laughing and goofing off with the wonderful people you live with.

Sometimes, you spend nearly 2 hours finishing a job someone else was supposed to do, because you all know how much the youth group will love their own finished basement to meet in.

Sometimes, you have wonderfully deep and spiritual conversations with your housemate during the 5 minutes it takes to locate and put on your shoes.

Sometimes, the love and joy that comes from working in a team become extremely obvious as you mop yourself into a circle, just so the person on the ladder won’t slip on the wet floor.

Sometimes, you learn that your work ethic is not edifying, and you see the painful amount of pride in your heart.

Sometimes, it takes two people to get a wasp off of your leg, and they do it with a commendable amount of courage and precision.

Sometimes, you get to skype your long-distance boyfriend for hours, and the blessings that come from honest, loving and Godly conversations are overwhelming.

Sometimes, your washer breaks right as you run out of clean underwear.

Sometimes, while scrambling to fix the washer, people halt their stressful, bad days solely because they want to help fix yours.

Sometimes, people from church offer their house, washing machine and detergent; providing you with clean clothes for tomorrow and an evening of wonderful conversations.

Sometimes, you learn that one of the boys didn’t come to Wonderful Wednesdays because he ran away, and suddenly the importance of the friendships you are forming with the kids sinks in.

Sometimes, you take a long, hot shower and as you turn the water up a few more degrees, you understand just how blessed you are.

Sometimes, your mom calls solely to talk and tell stories, and you realize just how much you are loved.

Sometimes, you learn that canned salmon is gross, and you thank God for His constant provision, as you throw out your half eaten wrap.

Sometimes, you listen to wonderful songs, and wish your housemates were there to sing and play them.

Sometimes, even though you want to stay in bed all day, you clearly see Christ’s love and workings in every aspect of your bustling, sweat inducing and fully rejuvenating day.

Sometimes, this is your Friday at the Sycamore House.


– Jess Kaffka

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