2019-2020 Blog Introduction

It’s that time of year folks!

Community dinners? Well… yes those have started, but we aren’t talking about that
Cold and flu season? Um. Yes that too, but again not my intended subject. (Sycamore? More like sick-some-more)
SpOoOoky season?! Yes, it is the first week of October, but wrong again!

It’s time to start our 2019-2020 blog! In our first entry, we will be doing a brief recap of our past month and a half here, including first hand perspectives of orientation!

The members of the Sycamore House are starting to find their groove in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The stressful, but fulfilling and exciting orientation, orientation showed all the members just how much Harrisburg has to offer. The dinners allowed members to meet wonderful families from church while eating some delicious foods. Adventures, such as exploring midtown and going to the capitol and the Pennsylvania Museum allowed Sycamoreans to better understand Harrisburg culture and how we might want to fit into this charming city. We also went to many church services and even got a house blessing! While exhausting/hectic/busy, orientation was a great way to start building up a community of wonderful, loving people that we can continue developing relationships with as the year progresses.

Orientation was stressful but fun!! I really enjoyed going to Mid-Town and exploring the area! -Shelby

I loved meeting the people of St. Stephen’s and getting to know Harrisburg. I especially loved seeing the capitol! -Faith

Orientation day was exhausting but fulfilling. We got to break in to the system and the system got to break into us, never truly comfortable but utterly necessary for the days to come. One of my favourite moments from the week was walking around the town with my housemates and navigating as a group. Another one is sitting down and eating meals together, no matter where we are invited. -Ian

It was really lovely to be hosted for dinner by all of the different board members. The food was always delicious and it was a fast way to meet some familiar faces from St. Stephen’s. -Emily

I loved getting so many opportunities to meet people one-on-one at the meals we shared together. It has been wonderful to spot those familiar faces at different events! On top of that, exploring the city in different adventures and outings allowed me to start feeling less like a stranger and more like I belong. -Savannah

As the weeks have progressed, the Sycamoreans have started finding their niches. In the next few weeks, we will be featuring each member and allow them the chance to tell you about how their life in Harrisburg is looking; from their placement to recreational activities to involvement in the church! Stay tuned 🙂

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