A Trip to the Farm

This past Friday, we were to engage in an act of service. We took this time to volunteer at Kirsten’s farm in Dillsburg. It was a crisp fall day when we arrived on the farm. We were greeted by goats grazing in the grass and turkeys noisily gobbling from their pens. The gardens were bursting with fresh vegetables and rows and rows of corn served as a perimeter around the property. Kirsten welcomed us and expressed her gratitude that we came. Immediately, we went to work. 

We tore down old, outdated plastic that had been draped over the greenhouse and then strung up some new, clean sheets. It was certainly a highly coordinated team effort and we were proud of our work once it was completed. I (Chloe) learned how to secure the plastic by tacking a metal rod to the greenhouse walls.

We also dug holes to plant elderberry trees. The trees were only in the beginning growing stages, so they resembled sticks poking out of the ground more than anything else. Kirsten offered for us to adopt an elderberry tree and we would be welcome to come back to witness its development over time.

Kirsten graciously donated some produce to us, a portion of her Community Supported Agriculture stock. We learned that Kirsten and her family are very active and invested in their community and have formed many connections with families in the area.

We ended our time on the farm by feeding and petting the goats. We found them to be fond, affectionate creatures who liked to nuzzle up against you.

Our day was topped off by a trip to Baker’s. With Kelsey having grown up in the area and I having attended Messiah, Baker’s was a staple. The cozy diner was fortunately still serving brunch, so we were able to treat ourselves to omelets, pancakes, and hash browns. It was a delicious meal and wonderful way to conclude our Friday group activity.

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