Holly’s First Week

I was accepted to the Sycamore House Service Corps around mid-October, and I moved into the Bigler House last week. I remember going through the motions of filling out the application, then filling out the paperwork, and then preparing to move. Then I got caught up in the process of moving in, getting to know my housemates, and also figuring out how to vote during this crazy election season. Today I began my service placement at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School. It hit me that the process of becoming a Service Corps member is over. I did it. I’m here. 

Today I helped a little kid make a paper airplane while serving in St. Stephen’s Episcopal School afterschool program. Last week, I enjoyed a Lord of Rings marathon with some housemates. I walked along the Susquehanna River. I explored Capitol Park and found a new favorite coffee shop. I skateboarded on City Island. I wandered through Harrisburg in an attempt to learn my way around. Each of these moments has reminded me that I made it here and that I made the right decision in joining this program. 

One thought on “Holly’s First Week”

  1. It’s great to have you here, Holly! The sun is certainly shining upon your arrival! I’m looking forward to Sunday’s Adult Forum, when more parishioners will be able to greet all five of you.
    Ann Elliott

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