Antics in the Snow- Holly

I try to go outside every day, especially now that I’m working from home. So when it snowed, I walked along the river as dusk fell. My housemate Kyle, a native Californian who has rarely seen snow, decided to join me. An intense snowball fight ensued. After we finally called a truce, I noticed how beautiful Harrisburg is on a snowy evening. We are lucky to live along the Susquehanna River, which hasn’t quite frozen over but seemed muted. The bridge was lit up for the Christmas season. The still-falling snowflakes looked lovely against the dark sky. It was freezing, but it was worth it. 

The following evening, the house decided to make a snowman. We actually made two snowmen in the schoolyard behind the Sycamore House. The snowmen do have stick antennas, so perhaps “snow creatures” is a more accurate term. I admit I was a bit sleep-deprived at the time, which is perhaps why I kept throwing out weird ideas (such as adding antennas to our snow creatures). Regardless, I’m very proud of our snow creations. 

Afterward, the snowball war resumed. Sometimes living in an intentional community means mercilessly hurling snowballs at your housemates, and that’s okay.

One thought on “Antics in the Snow- Holly”

  1. Harrisburg will probably entertain you with more snow in January and February, perhaps concluding with our not-beloved St. Patrick’s Day blizzard. Until then, I hope all of you Sycamoreans are enjoying your Christmas holiday at home!

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