Sycamore House’s Movie Selection (Chloe)

This year being the year of Covid19, the Sycamoreans’ movements outside the house have been extremely limited. Much of what Harrisburg has to offer has not been available to us. However, we have managed to stay creative in finding activities to do together. Our most common group activity is watching movies in our living room. The couches are especially comfy, so it is the perfect setting to curl up and immerse yourself in a good film.

Lately, we have been on a sci-fi spree. We began with “Inception”, the iconic movie starring Leonardo DeCaprio in the lead role. It is about a group of individuals delving into their subjects’ dreams and implanting ideas in their subconscious. After the viewing, we held a rather in-depth conversation on the nature of reality and the conceptualization of ideas. Another day we watched “Prospect,” notably starring Pedro Pascal. This featured a young girl and her father living in an alternate world in space. They crash on a foreign planet and have to scavenge for gems to buy their way back, all while defending themselves from dangerous mercenaries. It was a low-budget production, but still artistically done. Our latest movie was “Tenet,” hailed as the new take on “Inception” and directed once again by Christopher Nolan. This film is very difficult to summarize. The most I can put to paper is that it explores the concept of time travel and the relationship between the present world and posterity. We were awed by it. 

I look forward to these moments with my housemates. It’s a fun way to explore each other’s perspectives, worldviews, and even just taste in movies and shows. The living room, pictured at the top of the post, is a great gathering place and one of our go-to ways of practicing community in this very unconventional service year.

One thought on “Sycamore House’s Movie Selection (Chloe)”

  1. I really enjoy and appreciate the way you-all share your household life with us! Especially now when parish life and yours are necessarily sequestered …. >>sigh<< Thank you!

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