Vaccinated! (Kelsey)

This past week, all the members of the Sycamore House received their COVID-19 vaccines! It is truly a time to celebrate and start to look forward to a healthy and safe future. As most have experienced, trying to schedule a vaccine appointment is a monstrous, frustrating task, and the Sycamorians were not exempt from that experience. Thankfully, a number of spots opened up with phase 1b of Pennsylvania’s vaccine roll-out plan and we all secured appointments throughout the week. Each of us are experiencing different side-effects from the shot. Some are feeling the full spectrum of post-vaccine symptoms, while others have none at all. Personally, I had the worst nights sleep due to having the sorest arm in the whole-wide world, but thankfully no other symptoms.

As a household of five people, who each have different placements, schedules, and lives, discussing COVID and establishing COVID precautions is something we have taken very seriously. It is a very unknown virus and unknown time, so we as a house have made the commitment to have weekly check-in and updates about COVID. At times it can feel tedious, but in the end, we are creating an environment and home where each of us feels safe and secure. The whole house is looking forward to the spring  and hopefully having the opportunity to meet more of the church and community.


One thought on “Vaccinated! (Kelsey)”

  1. Hooray! Vaccination is good for one’s physical AND mental health! I’m glad all of you were able to get it.

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