A Promising Sign of Spring (Chloe)

Spring is finally rounding the corner, even though we definitely still have some significant cold spells. Nevertheless, I am feeling a sense of hope with the oncoming season of blooming and a feeling of refreshment after a long, cold, and at times agonizing winter. There is no denying these last few months have been difficult and draining. This pandemic year has tested my resilience, commitment to self care, and ability to fend off feelings of isolation and despair. I am glad we seem to be cresting that horizon and beginning a new time of renewal. If only we could commit to not jumping the gun on loosening social distancing restrictions! Even amidst this spring optimism, I am concerned about the rising covid cases and deaths. I so long to see certain friends in person and travel back to familiar places, but cannot do so yet with a clear conscience. I hope we do not fall into a false sense of security, but stay patient with this transition back to more normal life.

Fortunately, last Saturday, we were blessed with an especially beautiful day and promising harbinger to warmer weather. Holly, Kyle, and I took advantage of this opportunity and accepted Kathy and John Yorkievitz’s gracious offer to join them on a hike at Hawk Rock. We anticipated taking a rather leisurely route in order to just soak up the scenery. While the views were certainly good, I can’t say our trek was easy. I was working up a sweat! The trail was steep and particularly rocky and our footing was not so sure at times. It was narrow too, and making room for passerby challenged our climbing and scrambling abilities. All our huffing and puffing paid off, however, when we finally reached the peak. We were afforded a gorgeous view of the river, valleys, and mountains surrounding us. We briefly took off our masks so John could capture a good picture of the three of us. When it was time to share our highs and lows of the week during our formation time that Sunday, each of us stated that our hike was an especially enjoyable part of our weekend. I look forward to spending some more time together as an entire house outdoors in the coming months.


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